recessed-lightingRecessed lighting is a versatile means of providing both ambient and task lighting to just about any area in your home or office. Commonly known as pot lighting and can lighting, these lights are mounted in the ceiling or wall instead of being mounted on top of the surface.

Besides functional differences there are aesthetic ones too. If you don’t like the look of a traditional round, white light fixture, there are other shape and color choices available. You can even get square recessed lights, if the round-style is too plain or conventional for you.

We can help you customize the recessed lighting in your home or office. Our San Diego Electricians Provide These Services:

Recessed Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Kitchen Indoor Lighting

Bathroom Indoor Lighting

Residential Recessed Lighting

Commercial Recessed Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Deck Lighting

Porch Lighting

Custom Recessed Lighting

LED / Led Recessed Lights

Shelf Lighting