One of the major factors that have to top the list of things to check now and then is the house wiring. Even if your home has been built to stand the test of time, the wires may not have been. This is exactly prompt if you have recently purchased a house in which you do not know the wiring status and how old the house wiring is. Also, it is the right thing to do if your home ages between 20-50 years old.

Upgrading or replacing the cabling of a home is not a small task, but it can be of utmost importance. One of the most common causes of house fires is faulty wiring, and it is possible that old wiring will optimally deteriorate to the point where it melts and breaks into a fire. If you are not sure how immediate you should replace the cabling in your home, consider consulting a qualified electrician for complete electrical control.


Older wire-cabling systems, such as knob and tube cabling, are not inherently dangerous. However, these older systems, like most modern households, may not be compatible with 220 amps and may, therefore, prohibit the use of more than two large home appliances in a single circuit.

If your wires are acting up by routinely tripping out circuit breakers through the use of your normal home appliances, this is a clear pointer that your old wiring system is at risk of being weak and should be replaced immediately.

However, there are other pointers that the fact that you should get the help of a local electrician professional to check out your wiring:

  • Home electrical appliances that normally give off mild electric shock during usage or when plugged.
  • Flickering lights
  • Electrical outlets that usually appear to be hot or warm to touch
  • An unexplained smell of smoke or a melting sensation
  • Weird sound


Electricians can do wonders to replace old wiring without breaking a house, but because the wiring was hidden in the walls, there is no way around it: the walls need to be broken. In fact, one of the main cost factors in most wiring upgrades is the cost of repairing walls and other non-electrical parts of the house.

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So, if you have a house with old wiring and you want to renovate anyway, it’s definitely worth checking with an electrician for a possible upgrade. When you open the walls, you can make your home more modern and safer for many years to come.

The wiring during a renovation also provides a practical opportunity to install new outlets. It’s always frustrating to have very few power outlets or to install power outlets in awkward locations, and a wire upgrade is a perfect way to add, replace or misplace problematic power outlets. You can choose sockets with modern features such as integrated child protection or USB ports.