Electric Vehicle Home Charging Installation

If you are reading this, most likely you are in process of purchasing an electric vehicle, or thinking about getting one. Or maybe you need an upgrade on your home installation charger for your electric vehicle.

EVSE is an electrical device that allows drivers to safely connect an electric car to a 240-volt source of electricity. Hiring a professional electrician to install EVSE is important for the safety of your home and electric vehicle. Plus most likely your local codes may require permits and inspections to be carried out on your Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or EVSE installation.

Charging capacity

Our electricians will help you figure out the steps. The charging capacity and amp level is one ot them. We still recommend to have the capacity to charge at least at the 30-amp level, even if your current car can’t fully utilize the higher amperage. Why? Save yourself money so you don’t have to upgrade in a few years when you buy a new EV that has a faster on-board charger. Besides that, your friends with faster charging electric vehicles can get a full charge from your outlet.

home car charging picture. A man is charging his electric car. Car is silver cover.

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Location – Where to install it?

Another important step in planning is the location of the station. Before the EV charging installation, imagine where your electric car will be parked. We have to figure out the ideal location for this piece of equipment. Distance and cable length for a potential second plug-in car in your garage or driveway is something to consider as well.

The location of the EVSE is important to be convenient as possible.  Amcro electricians might have to run just a few feet of conduit—or dozens of feet. You will charge your car almost every night, and it should take a few seconds to plug it in. Nobody wants to come back from work, and spend time figuring out if the car is close enough to reach the cable.


Equipment and its reliability is often overlooked. Our electrician will suggest you the highly recommended charger that fit your needs.  There are at least a dozen different manufacturers to choose from.

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