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Today our air conditioning systems take more power than an entire home did 30 years ago. A kitchen will usually be equipped with receptacles capable of supplying more than 60 amps just to counter top appliances. Adding receptacles does not increase the available power if they are looped from other receptacles. To get more power to a location, the circuit should run directly from the distribution panel.

It is an upgrade from the existing electrical panel. With all the new appliances and technical devices we now have in our homes, older homes may not have sufficient power to handle the increased demand. Therefore, a service change or service upgrade may be required. This includes an upgrade in your electric panel and an upgrade in your meter socket and wire size between the meter and panel.

A panel change out is usually required to alleviate a problem with the existing panel. Sometimes a breaker might overheat to the point that the buss bar in a panel gets burned. The conductors between the meter and panel may become loose and burn out the main lugs, especially common when aluminum conductors were used.

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San Diego Electrician: Lighting up Your Life Every Day

Almost any home improvement or renovation project will involve electricity. If you’re looking to install a new lighting fixture, for example, you will need to ensure the light switch is connected to your home’s power supply. Rather than do this yourself, you should contact a San Diego Electrician to make sure your new light is correctly and safely installed. Electrical fires can be dangerous and can be generated by the smallest mistake in wiring. Getting the assistance from a
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