How Long Will Cold Food Last During A Power Outage?

HOW LONG WILL COLD FOOD LAST DURING A POWER OUTAGE? Modern refrigeration systems keep food at safe temperatures. This helps to reduce the growth of bacteria in your food that can lead to food poisoning. This is why you have to keep your power supply in check to reduce the risk of food-borne diseases. Recording […]

Beef Up Your Home Security By Adding Outdoor Lighting

Home security is one major area every house owner should invest in as the safety of each and everyone in the home is important. Especially if you have a garden or a lawn or a vast space or not, even when you don’t, you need to beef up your home security with the addition of […]

Sparking Outlets – Are They Dangerous?

SPARKING OUTLETS Sparks originally happen every time you plug in an appliance to your outlets, you just do not often see it. Sometimes, outlet sparks are perfectly normal, other times, they are signs that there is a looming electrical, environmental hazard. Now at that point, are they dangerous? Yes. When you can vividly see live […]

Is Your Home Wiring in Need of Upgrade?

IS YOUR HOME WIRING IN NEED OF UPGRADE? One of the major factors that have to top the list of things to check now and then is the house wiring. Even if your home has been built to stand the test of time, the wires may not have been. This is exactly prompt if you […]